Febreze To Kill Spiders, Ants, Fleas ,Flies & Other Bugs

Wondering if Febreze can be used as a makeshift insecticide to Get Rid of Spiders,Ants and Other Bugs? Is it Even effective to Kill various Insects and Pests?

In this guide you will learn:

  • How is Febreze even able to Kill Pests,
  • What Pests Can be Killed by Febreze,
  • How to use Febreze to Kill Spiders, Ants, Mosquitos , Fleas, Yellow Jackets & other pests,
  • How does Febreze Compare to actual insecticide.

How Does Febreze Kill Bugs & Critters?

So how does an air freshener like febreze kill bugs? You might be surprised to learn that Febreze actually contains smaller amounts of toxic chemicals, that are usually located in insecticides!

These toxins kill insects on immediate contact, especially ants and spiders.

Some chemicals in Febreze that have the ability to do this are:

  • Alcohol denatured

Ethanol, which is essentially gas that has additives to discourage any type of recreational consumption by making it toxic. Awful-smelling, dreadful-taste,or nauseating affect is a result of the additives.

  • Ethyl acetate, found specifically in “fragrances”

Ethyl Acetate is a widely known pesticide that secretly resides in Febreze. Hidden in the fragrances, this specific pesticide, used mostly by insect collectors, works effectively by releasing respiratory irritant vapours that instantly kill the insect; leaving it intact for closer study.

  • Limonene

Limonene is all natural and another wildly popular pesticide that is also located in febreze, this chemical instantly eliminates the protective wax coating insects have, and causes them to suffocate.

Resulting in death on impact. With these ingredients, the effect is powerful on such small creatures. Along with those chemicals, the smell can also work towards eliminating pests.

What Insects Can Be Killed By Febreze

With febreze carrying multiple active ingredients from pesticides and insecticides, it is reasonable that it has the ability to eliminate various insects.

In this section, you will learn what insects can be killed, and how to eliminate them, as well as how effective febreeze is for specific pests.


Yes, Ants can be eliminated and killed by spraying febreze about a foot away, you want to make sure you are spraying all of them, making sure you cover them with the febreze spray.

The active ingredients will kill them in an instant. Resulting in a very effective way to remove these pests with a great smell afterwards.


With spiders being such fragile creatures, most airborne toxins, such as febreze, will kill them.

As well as aiming the spray directly on the spider, which will cause it to suffocate and ultimately die, The spider can also die from being flooded within the freeze spray.

An Alternative method to Kill spiders is Using Bleach.


While febreze is not quite strong enough to kill any type of cockroaches, it will however stun them long enough for you to quickly kill it.

Accomplish this by directly spraying the cockroach until it has stopped moving, this means it is stunned.

This reaction will allow you to eliminate the cockroach, but be sure to be quick as it will not stay phased.


Febreeze can Absolutely kill mosquitoes due to the toxic chemicals being airborne, as well as the spraying liquid will soak their wings which result in them being unable to fly and end up falling to the ground.

They will not be able to move or fly, and this is when the chemicals in febreze will take over and eliminate the mosquito very quickly.


Yes,Febreze can eliminate annoying flies the same way mosquitos are killed, which is mentioned right above. The only difference is, when spraying flies it may take a few more seconds.

This is because flies are larger than mosquitos, and have thicker outer skin.

After a few seconds of spraying, the flies will drop to the ground and eventually die from the toxins.

Stink Bugs

Febreze cannot kill stink bugs due to them having a hard outer shell that can protect it from chemical toxins, especially in the air.

While most people believe that febreze can kill stink bugs, it is not strong enough.

It only is successful in killing the stink it gives off.


Febreze can be successful in killing fleas, but not immediately like how Febreze can kills ants. When spraying the febreze it may take a few days of consistently spraying on furniture, or beds.

This is due to them being able to hide within the fabrics, but if you are consistent with the application of chemicals, it will lead to a successful elimination.

Bed Bugs

While yes febreze can kill bed bugs, the problem starts at being able to reach them. As they can be embedded deep within a mattress, so it may take a while to eliminate them using febreeze.

Essentially if you do get lucky and catch them off guard each time you spray, which is highly unlikely, you may be able to kill them; but I would suggest contacting a professional specialist.

Dust Mites

Yes, febreeze can efficiently kill dust mites by spraying your furniture weekly and consistently, this isn’t an immediate fix, but over time with spraying where dust mites are located will eliminate these pests.


Febreeze can eliminate moths because when spraying a moth you wet their wings, resulting in them losing the ability to fly and them falling to the ground.

The toxins will kill them, but you could also deal with them when they are on the ground if you want to be totally certain they are dead.

Yellow Jackets

With febreze containing smaller amounts of chemical toxins, it may not be as effective as stronger pesticides that are normally used. A yellowjacket is a sturdy, fast flying insect and aggravating this creature with febreze may stun it and will allow you to kill it quickly, but this could also make the insect aggressive and retaliate.

Yellow jackets will require something stronger to fully eliminate it with a spray but could be stunned by febreze and will allow you to kill it.


When maggots in your home are faced with febreze, they are killed immediately. Due to the process of maggots absorbing water through their bodies, when sprayed with febreeze they essentially soak up those toxins and it quickly attacks them from the inside.


Using febreeze on gnats will surely be super efficient due to their extremely small bodies,  therefore it will not take much febreeze to eliminate them, resulting in a quick solution to removing these insects. Spray the febreeze and move around to ensure you are spraying all gnats that are surrounding, this will guarantee all will be gone.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be killed by febreze, same as gnats, due to their smaller bodies. With being small, they simply cannot handle the airborne toxins that febreze contains.

Alike with gnats, it is best to spray and move the container around to ensure all fruit flies have been hit with the chemicals.

Can Febreze Kill Mice? 

While febreze has such an impact on smaller insects, it will not have the same effect on mice. They may face irritation within the lungs, or body surface irritation. In the end, it is not enough to kill them and will not be effective in eliminating these pests.

Can Febreze kill Rats?

Just like mice, febreze is definitely not strong enough to kill rats. The only possible way febreze could help eliminate these pests is simply because of the smell it gives off. With rodents having sensitive nasal passages, the strong fragrances of febreeze could eliminate rats being nearby, but it will not be successful in killing them.

Febreze VS Insecticide

So now that you know febreze is almost as effective as insecticides for most small pests, is there any point in using insecticides anymore?

While it is true that insecticides and febreeze share some similar toxic ingredients, most insecticides are much stronger which leads to better results when it comes to eliminating pests; this is obvious.

Insecticides can eliminate stronger pests such as yellow jackets and even rodents. While febreze was only able to eliminate smaller insects like gnats and fruit flies.

However, insecticides can be very toxic to humans, pets, and even plants, so maybe opting out for a better, safer alternative may be smarter. Although febreze does kill various insects, it is tested to be non toxic for all humans, pets, and most plants.

Also, febreeze can be quite cheaper, being only $2-3 dollars, when it comes to consistently having to spray to eliminate pests, while insecticides could reach up to $20+ dollars for a single can.


So febreze VS insecticides? Which one is better to use?

In the end, it all truly depends on what kind of pests you are dealing with within your household and yard.

For stronger pests, like stink bugs, using an insecticide is your best bet to ensure they are eliminated.

For weaker pests, like ants, using Febreze can be both safer and quicker when removing these pests. It can also provide a safer alternative, as well as being significantly cheaper.