Does Bleach Kill Ants – How to Use Bleach For Ants!

Wondering if Bleach Can be used to get rid of Ants? Can it be used on Ant Hills as well?

In this guide you will learn:

  • If Bleach Can be used to Kill Ants & How Effective is it,
  • Various methods How to use Bleach to Get rid of Ants,
  • Safety Tips to Consider when Using Bleach on Ants.

In the absence of insecticides, bleach can absolutely be used to kill and repel ants.

The most effective way to kill ants with bleach is by making a DIY Bleach spray that you spray onto the ants or by mixing it with boiling water and pouring it over the ant colonies.

When mixed with boiling water, not only does the boiling water kill the colony of ants, but the bleach itself will emit toxic fumes that will cause the ants to die.

How Does Bleach Affect and Kill Ants

Bleach is a chemical compound derived from natural resources used commonly to whiten fabrics through the process of oxidation. It is considered a corrosive and hazardous substance that is composed of sodium hypochlorite.

Sodium Hypochlorite is not combustible but is a strong highly unstable oxidizing agent which enhances the combustion of other substances such as formic acid.

Formic acid is the same acid that ants produce/secrete as a venom to attack or use as a defence mechanism. This is why ant bites hurt so much!

In terms of its chemical components, formic acid is a low flammable, biodegradable, and stable liquid and is, therefore, combustible.

When the formic acid in ants is exposed to an unstable substance such as bleach it will cause a reaction/explosion.

When ants are sprayed directly with bleach, the bleach will mix with the Formic acid in ants & Cause an internal explosion in ants that will result in the ant’s death.

Another way how bleach can kill ants is the toxic fumes of bleach.

Since ants don’t have a nose, they rely solely on their antennae for smelling and breathing.

Through the ant’s antennae, the harsh smell of the bleach will be inhaled right into their exoskeleton, which will result in the ant’s death.

How Long Does It Take Bleach To Kill Ants

As mentioned above, bleach, when mixed with boiling water, can kill ants in a matter of minutes. However, it’s not a guaranteed way to completely take care of a large ant infestation.

To completely get rid of ants, you must find the anthill and pour the mixture of bleach and boiling water directly over the ant’s nest.

If you are wondering if Bleach Kills Ants Instantly when in Direct Contact…

Yes, bleach can instantly kill ants in direct contact due to its highly toxic chemical properties.

In addition, natural acid produced by ants in the form of formic acid and the sodium hypochlorite component of bleach causes explosions into an ant’s body, which can automatically kill them.

Ants dominate the world of insects with over 12,000 identified species.

Ants such as Fire ants, Red ants, Carpenter Ants, Pavement Ants, and Odorous house ants are among the common types present in every household.  All species of ants can be exterminated with bleach.

How To Use Bleach To Kill Ants In Your Home

Bleach can be an extremely effective solution to kill ants, here are all the ways bleach can be used to get rid of ants.

1. Use a bleach mixture to spray on ants.

Prepare a potent solution of bleach and water by mixing 10-15 tablespoons of bleach per 1-quart of water in a spray bottle and gently mix the solution by shaking. Make sure you are careful when you are mixing the bleach solution.

Once done mixing, spray the solution directly onto ants in your home or in your garden to kill them.

2.Use Boiling Water with Bleach.

For ant nests, prepare three cups of bleach and mix with a bucket of boiling water. Pour the mixture directly onto ant hills to kill the whole ant colony.

3.Clean your house with bleach

Use the remaining solution to clean the other parts of your house including furniture where ants may reside.

Through this, pheromone, a scent trail that an ant releases when it finds a source of food will be wiped out.

This way, ants can no longer follow the trail left on the floor, wall, or furniture and lose sight of the food source.

To achieve optimal results, it is preferable to mix bleach with boiling water since the heat coming from the boiling water enables the bleach to decompose and release way more toxicity, thereby killing the ants in three possible ways:

  • The ants will die because of the explosions of the mixed formic acid and sodium hypochlorite,
  • The ants will die due to the boiling water,
  • The ants will die by inhaling the toxic fumes of the bleach.

Bleach to Kill Ants in Your Yard

For ant-infested yards, bleach can also be used to effectively get rid of the ants and decimate their population in your yard.

Either use a mixture of bleach in a spray bottle to spray on clusters of ants or find the ant nests/hills in your yard and Pour Boiling water mixed with bleach over them.

Not only does the boiling water will kill the ant colonies in your yard, but the bleach will also help deter the remaining ones that survive the bleach.

Effectiveness of Killing Ant Hills with Bleach

Technically, bleach can be used to kill ant hills. However, the use of bleach does not guarantee that you’ll eliminate the whole ant colony.

While it is proven to be effective, the use of bleach can only extinguish the visible ants near the area where the bleach is sprayed.

Due to the bleach evaporating quickly, it does not have a long-lasting residual effect, hence, making it not as good alternative when compared to insecticides.

For best results, use large amounts of boiling water and bleach over the anthills to completely saturate the anthill.

Does Bleach Kill Ant Trails effectively?

Yes, bleach can kill ant trails extremely effective.

Bleach can completely wipe out traces of the ant’s pheromone smell, making it impossible for the other ants to pick up trails to get to the food source.   

Safety Tips If Using Bleach to Kill Ants

Bleach is highly hazardous and can be extremely dangerous to health.

When using bleach to kill ants Cover your nose with a thick mask, cloth, or wear a respirator. Also, wear goggles or a face shield to protect your eyes and face from bleach splashes.

The toxic fumes can cause external or internal burning of human tissues. In severe cases, it can damage the nervous system and respiratory system.

Make sure that the area where bleach is used is well ventilated. If proper ventilation is not possible, use fans or open the doors and windows.

If you get exposed to bleach:

  • If the bleach mixture has got in your eyes, Hold the eyes open, rinse slowly and gently with clean water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If bleach has got onto your skin, Remove what you’re wearing and thoroughly wash the affected skin with clean water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If you have inhaled bleach, Move to an open area where fresh air is accessible. Immediately seek an emergency service or call your local doctor if breathing is affected, especially if you are an individual with respiratory health problems.

Avoid spraying bleach onto the face and skin.

Bleach can also be irritating on the skin and may cause skin rashes, so be careful not to spray it onto any part of your face or body.

When using bleach to kill ants, Wear a protective apron on top of clothing that provides full-coverage protection.

Other than the protective mask, respirators, and goggles, it is very important to wear overall cloth. This way, any spills of the bleach will not directly come in contact with your skin.

Note that bleach contains an oxidizing agent that not only can kill ants but can also destroy clothes.

If considering using bleach to get rid of ants, make sure to wear worn-out old jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and closed-toed shoes so you won’t have to worry about getting your clothes damaged.

Other methods that are great for getting rid of Ants

There are some other methods that might even be more effective than using bleach to get rid of the ant infestation:

  1. Deploying pesticide-infused or insecticide-infused ant baits.
  2. Using commercially available pesticides or insecticides.
  3. Using chalk.
  4. Spreading orange and or lemon juices to ant-infested areas.
  5. Applying a mixture of vinegar and water on ant hills.

Is it Actually Worth to Kill Ants with Bleach?

Using bleach to kill ants is a worthy alternative when insecticides are out of reach and you do not want to hire a professional pest control exterminator.

Due to its availability and low price, bleach can be a great way to get rid of ants. Just keep in mind the safety measures when using bleach as it is hazardous and can be very harmful to your health.

Even if the bleach has been proven to effectively kill and repel ants,It’s not a 100% effective solution to get rid of ants and other methods might be better.

If the ant infestation is severe, it’s best to ask assistance from a Pest Control Professional with knowledge in exterminating ants.