Does Bleach Kill Spiders – How to Use Bleach For Spiders!

If you’re looking to get rid of Spiders, you might be curious about the power of using bleach to kill Spiders.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How bleach works to kill spiders & What kind of Spiders will Bleach Kill,
  • The benefits of using bleach to kill spiders,
  • How to use bleach to kill Spiders Effectively.

Bleach can absolutely be used to effectively kill spiders. It is an easy and cost-effective way to tackle any spiders, spiderlings or spider eggs found in your home.

Bleach kills spiders very quickly, it can dissolve the exoskeleton of the spider and kill the spider in under five minutes.

How Does Bleach Affect And Kill Spiders?

So, how exactly does bleach work to kill spiders?

When it comes to killing spiders, bleach works by impacting the way spiders breathe.

Just as humans carry our support systems (bones) inside our bodies, spiders carry theirs on the outside of their bodies. These supports are called exoskeletons.

There are small holes underneath the exoskeleton through which spiders absorb air.

When a spider comes into contact with household bleach, this breaks down the exoskeleton and makes it impossible for the spider to breathe, resulting in death.

Bleach is a very powerful chemical that is often known by its scientific name, sodium hypochlorite.

In reality, bleach is actually a mixture of many different chemicals, the main ones being sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. 

How To Use Bleach To Kill Spiders

It is simple to use bleach at home to effectively kill spiders, but there are several points to keep in mind before you begin dumping bleach all around your house.

  • Bleach is a powerful chemical agent! If you are using it in large amounts inside your home to get rid of spiders, you might want to make a plan to stay elsewhere for a night. The fumes from the chemicals can be harmful to our bodies.
  • You know what bleach does to colored clothing in the wash? Well, it can have the same effect on your furniture and carpets. Do not spray bleach on places that might ruin the color of your belongings, like your couch or your curtains. We don’t want a bunch of splotchy household items!
  • There are other methods to rid yourself of spiders, such as professional pest extermination services or the good old fashion squish-and-flush technique. If you are hesitant about using bleach in your home, go ahead and experiment with other methods first.

You will need to purchase some bleach from the store. Any brand of household bleach such as Clorox will work fine and be very effective to kill spiders.

It is a good idea to dilute the bleach before using it. You can do this by mixing it with water. A good ratio to try is three parts water to one part bleach.

  • Once you’ve mixed the bleach and water together, you can go ahead and put it on the spiders.
  • The easiest way to do this is to put the mixture in a spray bottle and mist the spiders that you are trying to kill.
  • You can spray close to the spider, but it will still be effective if you spray farther away as well. The important thing is that the solution is close enough to coat the Spider.
  • When you are finished, clean up the spider remains and use water and a cloth to wipe up any remaining bleach.

Remember, this is not a liquid that you want to leave laying around because it can be harmful to us.

Bleach To Kill Spider Eggs

One of the reasons that it can be worrisome to find spiders in your house is because of the eggs and babies that follow.

When a spider lays eggs, it lays a lot of them. If you have spotted a web in your home, keep your eyes peeled for an egg sac or hatched baby spiders.

What is an egg sac? Imagine a bag full of spider eggs and that’s an egg sac. Pretty straightforward, really.

If you’re using bleach to kill spider eggs, you can spray your bleach solution directly onto the egg sac or the spiderlings. This should eliminate most of the eggs or babies.

For larger infestations of spider eggs or spiderlings, you might want to look into a commercial extermination service.

While bleach will work to get rid of eggs, there is a chance that you might miss some and allow them to hatch.

Safety Tips If Using Bleach to Kill Spiders

When using bleach for any purpose, it is always important to employ certain safety tips. The lungs, mouth and eyes are all areas that are susceptible to irritation caused by overexposure to bleach.

Additionally, if you have asthma or another respiratory disease or illness, bleach can be even more dangerous.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while using bleach to kill spiders:

  • Do not oversaturate an area with bleach. This can result in an excess of the chemical and can make it difficult to rid your house of the fumes.
  • Always close and store bleach in a safe area after you are done using it. This is especially true if you have children in the house.
  • Open windows and doors as much as possible when using bleach to kill spiders. This will help aerate your home and blow any dangerous fumes out.
  • Be aware of who is in your home. If you are living with elders, children or anyone with a compromised respiratory system, it might be worthwhile to look into alternative pest-control solutions to get rid of the spiders.

In addition to these safety tips, always read the label on the bottle of bleach that you buy. Bleach is safe to use in small and controlled amounts when following all the safety guidelines.

DIY Bleach Spray Recipe For Spiders

A simple do-it-yourself bleach spray can be made to eliminate spiders taking up residence inside your home.

Simply combine three parts water and one part bleach inside a spray bottle. Shake to combine and spray over insects.

If you’d like, you can use a lower ratio of water to bleach, but the amount of water should always be at least equal to the amount of bleach.

Do not create a solution that is higher in bleach than water.

Types Of Spiders Bleach Will Kill

Which kinds of spiders will bleach kill? Let’s take a look at some of the most common spiders found in houses across America and the impact that bleach can have on these pests.

1.American House Spider

This spider has small hairs on its long legs and is reddish brown in color. If you have ever seen a drawing of a spider web, chances are it is based on the American House Spider’s design.

They use their webs to catch and feed on prey. Bleach will be effective in eliminating this commonly found American house spider as well as its eggs.

2.Wolf Spider

Unlike the American House Spider, Wolf Spiders don’t generate webs. They are known for their uncannily precise eyesight and their preference for solitude.

Because they aren’t picky about their habitat, it is likely that there is a Wolf Spider in your vicinity.

Bleach will kill Wolf spiders, but you can also squish them or use a broom to sweep them out of your house.

3.Black Widow

How can you recognize a Black Widow? Look for a mark shaped like an hourglass on their midsection.

They can be found in climates with moderate rainfall throughout the year. While their bites are not fatal to humans, they do result in a variety of painful symptoms.

So, will bleach kill Black Widows? The answer is yes. Similarly to other types of spiders, bleach will kill a Black Widow.

You can also spray a mixture of vinegar and water on the black widow spider, which will have the same effect.

4.Brown Recluse

Found in North America, a Brown Recluse spider is known for its venomous bite which can land you in the hospital. Like their name suggests, they are light brown in color with long, spindly legs.

The good news is that bleach will work against a Brown Recluse, as will other methods of extermination.

5.Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs are the friendly giants of the spider world. They are easily recognizable from their long, skinny legs and small bodies.

You can find these spiders on all the continents (but not Antarctica).

While household bleach will indeed get rid of Daddy long legs spiders, keep in mind that they are relatively harmless to humans and will not bite you.

Instead of killing them, you might consider relocating them outdoors instead.

Is It Worth To Kill Spiders With Bleach

So, keeping in mind the various safety hazards, is it worth it to kill spiders with bleach? That is entirely up to you.

Using bleach to kill spiders is a viable solution to your spider problem. Always exercise caution when using strong chemicals such as bleach inside your home.

If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to rid your house of spiders, this can be a great option. As long as you are following all safety protocols listed on the bottle, as well as the ones outlined here, then you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you are on the fence about using bleach to kill spiders, you can always experiment with other methods. If they are not as successful as you’d like, reach for the bleach.

One thing to consider when you are deciding whether or not to use bleach to kill the spiders in your home is the way in which it works.

Although it is relatively quick to kill spiders with bleach, it may not be the most humane method.

If you only have a few spiders to worry about, you can look into other methods of elimination such as moving them outdoors or squishing them (although this seems worse than bleach, it does kill them more quickly).

Remember, if you don’t have an infestation, try finding a new home for the spider instead! As with most insects, they too have their place in our world’s ecosystem.