Does Hairspray Kill Spiders – How to Use Hairspray For Spiders!

Is there a creepy spider in your house and you don’t have insect spray? Wondering if Hairspray can be used to get rid of Spiders?

In this guide you will learn:

  • If hairspray can kill spiders & how does it affect spiders,
  • How long does it take hairspray to kill spiders & Types of Spiders it can kill,
  • How to use hairspray to kill spiders.

Does Hairspray Kill Spiders

Yes, hairspray can absolutely kill spiders. It works almost as well as an ordinary insect killer spray.

In some cases, it can even be more effective than insect sprays if you spray the spider directly with the hairspray.

There are different types of hairsprays that can be used to kill spiders. Some hairsprays are more effective than others, but generally, any hair spray can be used to effectively kill spiders. 

Hairsprays can be used to kill spiders indoors and outdoors, and it will kill almost any spider.

Spiders such as black widows, brown recluses, wolf spiders, jumping spiders have no chance against hairspray!

Here’s how Hairspray Kills Spiders

Hairsprays can kill the spider in 3 different ways: ‘freezing’ spiders to death, suffocating spiders to death, and intoxicating spiders to death.

1. By ‘Freezing’ Spiders

Hairsprays are sticky enough to keep our hairs intact, they are able to ‘freeze’ spiders as well!

Hairsprays do not actually ‘freeze’ spiders, it only restricts and immobilizes its movements

Most hairsprays can keep 8-12 inches of hair in place for about 24 hours.

The sticky compounds of hairspray will completely disable spiders movement and It will only need to freeze the spider for a few minutes before it dies from the chemicals in the hairspray.  

It will be most effective on smaller spiders but it can also slow down the movements of big spiders such as tarantulas.

2. By Suffocating

Spiders are the only insects to breathe with lungs and trachea at the same time. Extremely small tubes run through their bodies, through which they breathe, so imagine the sticky compound on them…

It will literally kill them by suffocation. Suffocation is the most common way the spiders will die when being spried with hairspray – even the large ones! 

3. By intoxication

It’s no secret that hairsprays contain chemicals that can be toxic even to humans.

There are different chemicals used in hairsprays but most contain polymers and solvents, chemicals that should not be inhaled even by humans.

This is one of the reasons why hairspray can kill spiders in a flash.

How Long Does it Take Hairspray to Kill Spiders?

It only takes a few minutes for hairsprays to kill spiders. As mentioned above, there are three possible ways of killing spiders by using hairsprays.

Those three ways simultaneously work together and result in a quick death of the spider.

But depending on the size of the spider and the type of hairspray, the time to kill off spiders may vary.

It may take a large spider to die in about 5 to 7 minutes. Generally, it takes about 3 minutes to kill a spider with hairspray.

If you are wondering if Hairspray Kill Spiders Instantly when in Direct Contact…

Unfortunately, hairsprays are not able to kill spiders instantly, even when in direct contact.

It still takes some time for the hairspray to affect the spider’s body, especially when the spider is larger or has a higher resistance.  

In this time the spider may run away,however in most cases it will be dead a few minutes later.

How to Use Hairspray to Kill Spiders

Using hairspray to kill spiders can be used in any situation – be it in the attic, in the bathroom or the bedroom. By following these simple steps, you can easily dispose of the spiders that are creepily crawling in your house.

1.Locate the Spider

Make sure it is in a space where it cannot easily escape. This is the hardest among the steps since spiders are sensitive and move around quickly.

The trick is to carefully approach the spider so you won’t disturb it and it won’t run away from you.


Aim at the spider directly. This will make it easier to kill the spider.

Hairsprays can be sprayed as far as 30 cm (12 inches). Make sure not to distance yourself too much or else it will not reach the spider, and will not be effective as the spider will escape!


Make sure to spray the spider several times for the best effect, This will ensure that the contents of the hairspray will cover the whole spider and it will lead to quick death of the spider.


After killing the spider, make sure to dispose of it properly. Using a paper towel or any disposables, scoop the dead spider and throw it in the trash. Don’t forget to clean the residue of the hairspray.

Additionally, if you are still not 100% that the spider is dead, you can hit it will a newspaper to ensure it’s dead.

Most insects develop resistance after surviving insect repellants or killer sprays, so it is better to kill them off before they become resistant.

Hairspray to Kill Spider Eggs

Now that we’ve established that hairsprays kill spiders, another question stands: can hairsprays kill spider eggs?

Hairspray can be used on spider eggs to some extent, however, it won’t be very effective if it’s just applied lightly.

If you absolutely want to get rid of the spider egg sacs and all you have is hairspray, it might still be effective if enough is applied and it covers & clumps the eggs together!

That being said, even the general bug sprays do not work effectively on spider eggs… 

And since hairsprays are almost equivalent to bug sprays in strength, it won’t work very well on spider eggs.

If you really want to be sure that the spider eggs are gone much stronger insecticides will need to be used to kill the spider eggs and prevent them from hatching.

Safety Tips If Using Hairspray to Kill Spiders

Before engaging in anything, make sure to know what kind of spider are you killing. If the spider is venomous, make sure to be extra careful in killing and disposing of it.

While spraying, make sure not to inhale the contents of hairspray. After killing the spider, properly clean its remains.

Dead spiders and other insects only invite ants to enter your house. You wouldn’t want to have yet another invasion.

It is also advisable not to kill spiders using hairsprays in the presence of any open flames. All hairsprays are extremely flammable and you may set fire in your house trying to kill the poor spider.

Is it Worth To Kill Spiders with Hairspray?

In Conclusion, hairspray can be used to kill spiders fairly effective.

If you only got a few spiders you won’t even need to call a pest control company as the hairspray is good enough for this sort of task!

It does not really matter whether the hairspray is expensive or cheap, almost all hairsprays are effective against spiders in your house.