How To Tell If a Spider Is Pregnant -Comparison of Species

How To tell If a Spider is PregnantI’m sure you’ve seen at least once eggs in a spider’s net, but I’m sure you never wondered how a spider actually looks like when it’s pregnant.

So How can you tell if a spider in your house might be pregnant and might unleash a horde of baby spiders, what are the signs?

I did a lot of research and saw a lot of scary spider pictures to find that out.

So, How to tell if a spider is pregnant?

When Pregnant ,spiders produce an egg sac, which holds many eggs. Egg sacs are smooth and round, attached to the spider’s web. Many species of spiders have the same symptoms when carrying eggs, it’s usually the size of the spiders abdomen by which you can tell if a spider is pregnant. If the abdomen of a spider is bigger, there is a chance it may lay eggs soon.

There are many different species of spiders, and every species has its unique look, size, and symptoms when pregnant.

What Does a Pregnant Spider Look Like

At the point when the female spider is pregnant, her abdomen becomes extended. Sometimes the abdomen might get bigger from the food, but someone experienced should easily tell if the abdomen is bigger than ordinary and if the spider is pregnant. It can happen that the spider is just fat, but it is very rare in the wild. When a female is making an egg sac, then it’s definitely pregnant.

Pictures of Pregnant Spiders
Pictures of Pregnant Spiders

How Long Is a Spider Pregnant for

Spiders usually mate in the fall, and then a female carries the sperm in her body all winter. In the spring, when it gets hotter, female spiders start to feed and start to produce egg sacs. These egg sacs are about a quarter of an inch size, and are covered with silk. It can take from 30 to 50 days for the eggs to develop, depending on the temperature.

Each sac gives around 50 little spiders, each of them is just a few millimeters long. For about a week, they are all together around the empty sac, then every one of them starts to create its own web.

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How To Tell If a Spider Is Pregnant

Let’s Compare how a pregnant spider might look between several spider species.

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How To Tell If a Wolf Spider Is Pregnant

Body size of a wolf spider is from a quarter of an inch to inch and a half in length. Some of the largest wolf spiders have a leg length of three inches or more. Some wolf spiders are black, but they are usually brown.

Wolf spiders usually become pregnant in the summer, depending on the region. They carry the eggs from 20 to 40 days, depending on the temperature outside. Because they don’t make a web, wolf spiders carry their eggs on their back, and when eggs hatch, they carry babies on their backs.

A Pregnant wolf spider
A Pregnant wolf spider

How To Tell If a Brown Recluse Spider Is Pregnant

Brown Recluse spiders are ranging from light to dark brown, they have very long legs and short hair which covers the body and legs. They have 6 eyes positioned in 3 pairs across the front of the cephalothorax.

Black Recluse spiders can easily be distinguished from others, because no other spiders have this eye positioning. They live mostly in structures, clothing, behind furniture, in attics, basements, and walls.

When a female Brown Recluse is pregnant, her abdomen becomes MUCH larger ,this can be seen with a naked eye. Babies need about one year to grow up, then they become adults, and then live for one more year. Brown Recluse spiders are not aggressive and they want to stay in areas with low activity.

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How To Tell If a Black Widow Spider Is Pregnant

The animal most at risk from a black widow is – a black widow. These cannibalistic animals sometimes eat each other. It usually happens after mating, a female will kill and eat a male black widow spider. As the name says they are black and live in hotter temperate regions of the Earth.

When a black widow is pregnant her abdomen is huge, like in most spiders. When young, black widow spiders are white and orange.

The egg incubation period is from 1 to 4 weeks, after which time the baby black widows come out of the eggs. Only 1 in 12 young black widow spiders survive due to cannibalism. A female lives longer than a male, they live up to a year and a half.

How To Tell If a Huntsman Spider Is Pregnant

Size of the huntsman spider ranges from ¾ of an inch to ⅗ of an inch. Females are usually larger than males. They have long legs, sometimes banded, and they grey to brown in their color. Huntsman spiders usually live under bark of the trees, in logs, on rock walls, under rocks, on foliage.

A pregnant huntsman spider looks the same as most other pregnant spiders, the abdomen of a spider  gets much larger. The female produces a flat, oval egg sac, and can lay almost 200 eggs. She then stands over the egg sac, guarding it for the next three weeks.

During this period she doesn’t eat and can be very aggressive. When babies are hatched, the mother stays with them for several weeks.

How To Tell If a House Spider Is Pregnant

House spiders can be seen most often in the fall when males leave their web to find females. They can grow up to 4 ½ inches, and they love entering homes to find shelter. They will usually build their webs in sheds, garages, attics, cavity walls.

The natural habitat of the house spider is a cave, a hollow tree, but they have successfully adapted to people’s houses and buildings.

In the fall, after mating, males usually die, usually only the females survive and then produce many egg sacs. When baby house spiders hatch from the eggs, they grow up in a year.

How To Tell If a Jumping Spider Is Pregnant

When the abdomen of a female jumping spider becomes bigger and rounded, she is ready to make an egg sac. She will lay between 2 and 36 eggs in one egg sac. The mother produces some sort of milk for her babies, which is nutrient-rich, and has a lot of protein.

From the opening from which she lays eggs, the mother gives spiderlings droplets of that liquid. Babies sip from these droplets for the first few days.

A video of Spider Babies Emerging after crushing a Pregnant Spider

Do Spiders Carry Their Babies On Their Back & Spider Species That Does That

The only species of spiders that carry their babies on their back is a wolf spider. They carry their babies attached to their abdomen, much like how a human carries his baby.

The egg sac is attached at the end of the abdomen for the wolf spider. Through the whole pregnancy, wolf spiders are still able to hunt. When eggs hatch, the wolf spider continues to carry her born babies on her back for several days.

These spiders are not aggressive, and are really harmless, unless provoked.

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Related Questions

How do you kill a pregnant spider? Can I squish a spider egg sac?

The best way to kill a pregnant spider is to spray spiders and egg sacs with insecticide or even Febreze.After spraying, make sure to vacuum or sweep the area.

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Stepping on a pregnant spider and crushing it – Should you do it

Some spiders are very dangerous, even after you kill them. If the content from the spider’s stomach comes in contact with humans, it may cause swelling and pain. There have been many cases when people squashed a spider, and some parts of a spider ended up in a human’s eye, leading to pain and swelling.

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Do spiders die after giving birth, or do spider babies eat their mother

Not every spider dies after giving birth, but many of them die in the fall after laying an egg sac. After laying an egg sac, some females will start to liquefy, and then her offsprings will crawl onto her and start eating her.