Why are Flies Attracted to Me & Land on me

Have you ever spent the day trying to usher that one determined house fly out of an open window?

Or maybe there’s that one fly that won’t leave you alone while you are trying to sleep? 

In this guide you will learn:

  • Why are flies attracted to humans,
  • Why do flies always fly around people,
  • Reasons why flies could be attracted to you,
  • What do flies do when they land on you.

Why Are Flies Attracted To Humans?

One of the Most Common Reasons, why Flies Might be attracted to you, is because of your aroma.

While flies are usually attracted to other smells, there are instances in which they can become interested in the smells released from a person.

These smells can include:


Our sweat may seem like a very simple thing to us, but it is actually composed of many different parts.

Not only is sweat salty, but it’s also filled with carbohydrates and proteins that can be appealing to a fly.


While some oils, such as citronella oil are repulsive to flies, there are other types of oil that can actually draw flies in.

However, hair that is very oily is a different story.

Because an accumulation of oil will occur in your hair and on your scalp if you don’t wash often, this dirty scent can attract flies.

Avoid this by keeping your scalp clean and addressing any excess oil with a good shampoo.

3.Dead Skin or Cuts

Open cuts and wounds as well as dead skin can be appealing to flies.

They lay eggs in places where they can find odorous liquids and sometimes a cut can provide such a location.

If you have open sores or dead skin, be sure to properly care for it and cover it to avoid flies.

4.Body Odor

Some flies are more attracted to the body odor of specific people

Because we all smell differently when we sweat, we let off different aromas. Flies are drawn to body odor that is potent and smells strongly.

As you can see, most of the reasons that a fly might be attracted to you can be easily remedied with some good hygienic habits.

Keep your body, as well as your living spaces, clean and you should see less of these pesky pests.

Comparing Different Flies

1.Fruit Flies

If you have ever had a bowl of fruit out on your counter during a hot day, chances are you have come into contact with fruit flies.

These flies are very little and seem to appear out of nowhere. Once they appear, they can often feel like they’re multiplying very quickly.

In reality, fruit flies are attracted to the scent of decomposing fruits and vegetables.

As your produce ripens in your kitchen, these small flies are drawn to the pungent smell that is released.

Additionally, fruit flies are interested in sweet smells as well. This includes scents released from sugar and from yeast.

Fortunately, fruit flies are not intrigued by the smell of humans very much.

This means that they are not attracted to us and will leave us alone in most scenarios, choosing to focus on the smells of produce fermentation.

You might be thinking, why do fruit flies follow me then or perhaps even fly in your face?

There are a few reasons you may feel this way.

One reason is that you may perceive the Fruit Flies to be following you because there are so many of them in an area.

Another Reason why Fruit Flies could be attracted to humans is that your sweat might smell sweet and they may come closer to investigate

Fruit flies often lay their eggs inside fruit that has begun to ferment.

If you have your produce uncovered nearby you this gives them plenty of potential breeding grounds and you also might perceive that they might be especially interested in you.

The best way to get rid of fruit flies is to be as clean and tidy as possible.

Keep your fruits covered or refrigerated and immediately clean up any spills or sludge that accumulates in your kitchen.

2.Black House Flies

Black house flies are your common, regular fly. They are black, as their name suggests, and they are often found in or around homes.

Black house flies are attracted to strong scents of garbage or other decaying items. This includes meat that has gone bad or pet droppings that haven’t been cleaned.

Because black house flies are attracted to these potent smells, they might be drawn to humans only if they have reason to be.

If you have a lot of unclean areas in your home, black house flies may show up to investigate.

While they predominantly are drawn to garbage and rotting food, they can also show interest in sugar and fruit, similar to fruit flies.

Therefore, if you take extra care to clean up any mess as soon as possible, it is likely that you can repel black house flies this way.

As far as following you, it is unlikely that a black house fly will be interested in that activity.

The Only reason why a Black House Fly might show interest in you is if for some reason you smell like one of their favourite smells (decomposing food and other potent smells).

The Other Common Reason why a Black House Fly might be attracted to you is that you might have an open cut somewhere on your skin.

Keeping your body and house clean will help you avoid these pests all together.


How do you spot a blowfly? Look for a fly that is greenish in color with a shiny or metallic coating.

Blowflies can be found inside, usually in homes, restaurants or schools. Unlike black house flies or fruit flies, however, blowflies can bring disease or infection to humans.

They do this by landing on surfaces where food is prepared, as well as on the uncovered food itself. When humans consume the contaminated food, they are at risk of catching certain illnesses.

Blowflies are not very attracted to humans unless for some reason you smell of any smell that resembles a meal for them, so they will not follow you around in most cases!

Blowflies are drawn to the scent of dead animals and feces. This is where they lay their eggs, which then hatch and become maggots.

If there are a lot of blowflies in any given area, chances are that there is a carcass of something nearby.

Because of their feeding and reproductive habits, they carry huge amounts of bacteria. This is what makes them dangerous to humans.

If you are experiencing a large number of blowflies, you’ll want to search for anything that might be attracting these flies.

Getting rid of the source of interest, such as a dead rodent perhaps, will help clear the area of blowflies.

Why Do Flies Always Fly Around People?

Because flies can be quite bothersome, it can often feel like they are circling you on purpose.

In reality, most flies are more attracted to different scents than people.

However, there are certain instances in which a fly may be attracted to you.

The Bush fly for instance, is drawn to some of the smells that occur when you sweat. In this case, the fly is probably circling you in the hopes of using you as a food source.

What are bush flies? They are a type of Australian fly that is related to the black house fly. Chances are you will find them in areas where there is exposed food.

In general, flies are drawn to areas because of various smells, like garbage, rotting food or dead animals.

If you don’t have these scents on your skin, you probably won’t be followed by a fly.

What Do Flies Do When They Land On You?

If a fly lands on you, it can be extremely irritating. The surprise alone can be enough to give you a start, not to mention that terrible, tickling feeling that comes along with it.

So why do flies land on us?

This depends! There are a number of reasons that a fly might be landing on you, mostly having to do the scents that your body is releasing into the air.

We’ve looked at the reasons a fly may be drawn to you, but what do they actually do when they land on your skin?

When most flies land on your skin, they aren’t doing anything too harmful.

For the most part, they are attracted to something that your body is producing.

This can be sweat or another kind of liquid. As we mentioned above, sweat contains things that can serve as a meal to a fly.

It may also be foraging for dead skin or other chemicals.

There is always the chance that the fly might not find you a good source for a meal.

Because they actually taste with their feet, they can give you a little test when they land. If you’re not right for them, they may fly away.

Another reason that flies land on us is that we are excellent sources of warmth.

Our bodies are constantly giving off heat. This makes us a perfect place for flies to settle down, especially if we are also moist.

Always keep in mind that a fly that walks on you has likely been on something rotten or decomposing.

Wash the area with soap and water as soon as you can to avoid any kind of bacterial transfer.

Dealing With VERY Annoying Flies

We’ve all been there. You’re in your house and there is that one fly that is buzzing loudly, seemingly unable to find the exit.

Or, you’re on a hike and there is a swarm of flies in the area, gathering around your head as you walk.

Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it. Luckily there are several possibilities to deal with annoying flies.

If you are inside, you might try a more natural fly repellent, like a citronella candle.

While they are burning, these candles release the lemony smell of citronella into the air, masking the odors that attract flies.

This will keep them out of the area as long as the candle is burning.

Another home remedy to rid yourself of flies is to create a trap using vinegar and dish soap.

Combine the two ingredients in a jar and cover with a paper towel. Poke some small holes in the top and wait. Ideally, the flies will be drawn to the scent, fly inside the jar and will drown in the liquid.

If you are outdoors and you’d like to try something stronger, you can always reach for a commercial fly repellent.

If you choose this option, be sure to check the label for any harmful ingredients and try to avoid using it in an enclosed space.

What Does It Mean When Flies Follow You?

Why do flies bother you? If flies are following you, chances are that you might need to change your sanitation routine or habits.

Because they are attracted to pungent odors, if you keep yourself clean you can usually avoid flies.

It can also indicate a problem that needs to be dealt with in your home or the area you’re in.

Perhaps there is a dead animal in your walls that needs to be cleaned out.

Maybe you dropped some food that is now rotting in between your counter and your stove. Whatever the reason, cleaning up will always do some good.

What To Do When Fly Won’t Leave You Alone

When flies won’t leave you alone, it’s easy to think why are flies overly attracted to me?

However, the best thing to do is check that you are not giving out any scents that will attract them.

If you are, be sure to eliminate or wash away those smells.

If you check yourself and can’t find any reason that a fly would find you appealing, do a scan of the area for anything extra smelly. If you find something, you can get rid of it or move away from the area.

If this is a frequent problem that you’re dealing with, it might also be wise to look into some long-term solutions.

If you have a big infestation of flies, you can call a pest control agency to deal with them.

You can also get rid of them on your own by purchasing commercially manufactured fly traps and repellent. There are many to choose from and most will effectively kill the flies.

While commercially made products can be effective, many people are put off by the hazardous chemicals that are often used in these.

If these deter you, opt for a more natural method. While it may be a little bit slower, you can still rid yourself of flies without exposing yourself to toxins.

Lastly, prevention is the best tool you can use to rid yourself permanently of annoying flies. Taking careful steps to clean and dry all areas of the kitchen, cover produce and refrigerate veggies and rinse out all cans and bottles before recycling will make a world of difference.

Flies That Seem To Hang Around Your Face

One of the biggest reasons that flies might be hanging around your face is because you are sweating.

If that’s the case, take the time to wipe down or wash your face.

Why exactly do flies buzz in your ear or why do flies go in your ear?

Believe it or not, your earwax actually has a strong scent. Flies enjoy it and will pay a visit to your ear just to get closer to the smell.

It may also feel like flies that are near your face are constantly flying around and around. So why do flies fly in circles?

They can’t hover, so instead they create small circles when they fly.

Additionally, the flight path of flies helps protect them from predators.

Because they don’t fly in a straight line, they are harder to predict and thus harder to catch.

How To Stop Being So Attractive To Flies

In Conclusion, While we may want to attract other things, flies are generally not one of those.

Cleanliness and dryness are two of the best ways to become unattractive to a fly.

  • Clean your hair and rid it of excess oils.
  • When you have a chance to dry yourself off after a sweaty day outside, do so immediately.
  • Clean your body well with soap and tidy up the house.

Additionally, you can apply scents that are deterrents to flies.

Eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint are all natural oils that can be used on your body to repel flies.

When frustrated with these pests, it is easy to ask do flies even have a purpose? But remember, they do!

Just like everything else on earth, they have their place in the food chain.

A fly serves as a meal to many other insects and animals.

Remember, cleanliness and good sanitation habits will help keep flies away from you and out of your house.

The less flies are following you, the more they are outside contributing to other animals’ dinners!