Can Dog Worms Live in Carpet & Can Worm Eggs?

Can Dog Worms Live in CarpetProtecting your dog from worms is something that every owner wants and needs to do.

However you might have seen your dog scooting on your carpet and now You may be paranoid if worms can live in your household and in your carpet,

So let’s have a look if dog worms or their eggs can really live and breed in carpets?

Can dog worms live in carpets?

A variety of dog worms can live in carpets, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms can all survive in the carpet. Worm eggs also live in carpets and can survive for longer. Vacuum carpets daily to prevent worms and steam them to kill any eggs. If your dog scoots on the carpet that is a common sign of worms.

Most species of parasitic worms can survive in carpets to a certain extent. Some can survive quite well and for a long time whilst others do not fare so well. Worms will not hatch and grow in carpet but they can survive in the carpet if, for instance if a dog has defecated on the carpet and has worms.

Can dog worm eggs live in carpet

It is much more likely that worm eggs are present in your carpet than fully grown worms. These eggs can be tracked in from outside or deposited by your dog and can survive for a long time. They will lay dormant until they are picked up by a host and then they will hatch. The easiest ways to prevent this from happening is to make sure your dog is wormed regularly so that your furry friend is healthy and doesn’t bring worms into your house.

dog worms can live in carpets

What kind of dog worms can live in your carpet

There are a lot of different worms and they deal with their environment differently. Below I’ve listed some of the most common worm types in dogs so we can look at how they survive.

Can roundworms from your dog live in your carpet?

Roundworms are intestinal parasites that can be transmitted in both dogs, cats and humans. These worms are most commonly described as looking like spaghetti. Roundworm larvae can survive quite well in carpets and other environments such as furniture, however they do need a host to survive. They can only be transmitted to the carpet if your dog has deposited them as eggs cannot hatch on carpets.

So whilst larvae can survive well in carpet for several months, usually no more than three. However, adult roundworms cannot survive in your carpet. A bigger cause for concern is the eggs.

How long can roundworm eggs live in carpets

Roundworm eggs can live in carpets but are unable to hatch. Whilst they can only live for two weeks, they are much more difficult to get rid of, easier to pick up and are more likely in much higher abundance than roundworm larvae. They can also live on other surfaces including furniture such as couches and doorknobs.

Can tapeworms from your dog live in carpets?

Tapeworms are said to look similar to ribbons. These worms can grow to be 30ft but you are more likely to notice an infection by seeing white specs that look like rice in your pet’s faeces. Tapeworms can survive outside of a host for several months, but they fare much better in outside conditions such as soil and do not survive for as long in carpets.

Adult tapeworms will rarely detach themselves from a host but if essential they can survive in carpet for several weeks.

How long can tapeworm eggs survive in carpets

Tapeworm eggs can survive for several weeks in carpet before they become ineffective. They can also survive on similar surfaces such as on clothes or bedding for the same amount of time.


Can hookworms from your dog live in your carpet?

Hookworms are similar in looks to tapeworms. They are thin white worms that often break off in segments in a dog’s faeces. Hookworms can survive in carpet as they need to be in a larval stage to infect humans. Hookworm larvae can be tracked into the carpet if someone has passed over an infected area of soil. However, after going into their larval stage they cannot survive for very long before infecting a human host.

If a dog has deposited a hookworm it will not survive unless it infects a new host quickly.

How long can hookworm eggs live in your carpet

Hookworm eggs will only live in your carpet if an infected dog has defecated near the carpet as hookworms release their eggs through faeces. Hookworm eggs cannot survive for very long in a carpet as they need a moist environment to be able to hatch into larvae. Hookworms and their eggs are the worms you least need to worry about being in your carpet as they cannot survive as long as other intestinal parasites.

Can whipworms from your dog live in your carpet?

This parasite is called a whipworm because it looks like a whip. They have one narrow end that looks like a whip and one thicker end that looks like the handle of a whip. Whipworms are one of the more uncommon types of worms your dog can get, but you should still be cautious. Whilst larvae can survive outside a human host for a short time, fully grown whipworms cannot survive in carpets as they need a host to live.

How long can whipworm eggs live in your carpet

Whipworm eggs can survive for years in soil before hatching inside of a host, they do not survive for as long in carpets. They can still survive for several weeks however, in carpets and other furniture including curtains. These eggs have a sticky surface allowing them to latch to the carpet, so make sure that it is cleaned properly to prevent any infection.

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How long can dog worms survive outside of the body?

Worms need a host to survive, but certain types are able to live outside their host for a short period. If adult worms are passed through faeces it is possible for them to survive for up to two weeks. However, most do not survive past a couple of days due to incorrect environmental conditions. If you do see a worm that has come from your dog, whilst this one may not survive, you should get your dog treated in case they have any other worms.


Related Topics.

Will your carpet have worms if you dog scoots across it

Dog scooting, the act of a dog dragging its anus across the floor, is a common sign of worm infection as worms can cause that area to become very itchy and irritable. This action does not usually transfer worms or their eggs, but it is possible so make sure to clean your carpet as thoroughly as you would if you had seen a worm on it. Also, this irritation can be a further sign of infection caused by worms so take your dog to see a vet to prevent any further illnesses.

What to do if a dog with worms poops on my carpet

Worm eggs are often passed through faeces so if a dog with worms has pooped on your carpet it needs to be cleaned properly to kill any eggs. You can buy worm sprays from the pet store that will kill worms in your furniture, be sure to hoover your carpet after you use these sprays to get rid of the dead eggs. Another effective method for getting rid of worm eggs is to steam your carpet.

How to get rid of dog worms in your carpet

If you are concerned that your carpet may have worms, there are several ways you can clean it. The most effective way is to first hoover your carpet, then proceed to steam clean it. After that you should then use a veterinary recommended spray to kill parasites, a common choice is frontline. You can also mix your own solution to kill these eggs on any hard surfaces in the house, do this by mixing 1-part bleach with 30 parts water.

Should I discard my carpet if it has had worms

It can be scary thinking about worms in your carpet, but as long as you take the correct actions you should not need to discard your carpet. If you have cleaned your carpet correctly and have made sure that your dog has been correctly treated for worms you don’t need to worry about changing your entire carpet.