Why Do Camel Crickets Jump At You – Can They Hurt you?

Why Do Camel Crickets Jump At YouI’m sure you know about those small creatures that look like spiders but jump several feet directly at you.

They are called camel crickets, nobody likes them as they are very aggressive.

However why exactly would a camel cricket jump at you?

Do they want to actually bite you or just try to scare you in leaving them alone?

Why do camel crickets jump at you?

Camel crickets jump at people because of their self-defense mechanism to scare predators. Depending on the species, camel crickets can jump as high and as far as 3 feet. They are very aggressive and will bite you if you’re close enough.

Find out below how to protect yourself and your home from camel crickets, and more interesting facts about them.

Jumping Crickets That Look Like Spiders

Spider crickets, sprickets, cave crickets, and camel crickets are names for this creature that looks like spiders but are way  more terrifying. They are called spider crickets because they look a lot like spiders. Cave crickets because they love living in the walls, basement, drilling concrete, and make little caves for themselves. Finally, they are called camel crickets because of their humpbacked appearance.

Other species of crickets have wings, but camel crickets don’t have wings. They jump with their long limbs when they are frightened, their defense mechanism for scaring predators. Camel crickets don’t have sound producing organs, so they don’t chirp.

Camel crickets are brown, color can vary from light to dark. When fully grown, they are 1.3cm to 3.3cm large, they have large hind legs and a set of antennae that serves them as a navigation in the dark. They can be easily distinguished from spiders because they have six legs and spiders have eight legs.

They are active at night and hide during the day. Camel crickets are usually resting in cool, moist environments such as debris, stones, and woodpiles. They can also be found in drainage pipes or under air conditioner units. Tall grass, caves, and holes in the ground are also their residence. In houses, camel crickets are found in basements, garages, and attics. They move there when it’s hot and dry outside.

If you notice holes in your carpet or wooden furniture, camel cricket may have moved in with you. They love eating wood, carpet, cardboard, fungi, and insects.

can camel crickets bite you after they jump on you

How High and How Far Can Camel Crickets Jump

Some people are very scared of these creatures. They look like spiders and jump at you with very high speed. Also, they are impressive jumpers. If you are close to them, they will jump at you to defend themselves. Camel crickets can jump as high as 3 feet, also as far as 3 feet. Even if you don’t notice them, they can surprise you from very far distances.

Can Camel Crickets Hurt You

If you look closer camel crickets are very scary when standing still, when they jump at you they are terrifying. They are also far from dangerous to humans. Even if many people are scared of them, studies have shown that they are not poisonous and they aren’t posing any health risks to humans. These creatures are not known to carry any disease. They aren’t a threat because they lack fangs, so camel cricket bite is very weak.

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Are Camel Crickets Aggressive?

Camel crickets are very aggressive not only towards people, but towards any animal they believe it’s a predator. They will leap at you with very high speed to try to scare you, and defend themselves

Why Do I Have Camel Crickets In My House

Camel crickets are often active at night, they are nocturnal beings. They like places with high humidity and moisture. They are attracted by trash cans, tall and dense grass, wood leftovers. They are often found in garages, basement, and attic. Camel crickets are very strong, they will chew through many household items. They love eating the carpet, wooden floors, walls, or trash. They can make huge damage to your house if they find their way in.

How To Get Rid Of Jumping Camel Crickets In Basement

Camel crickets can be really tiring and persistent. If they occupied your house, and you think they laid eggs somewhere, it’s better to call pest control. If your case isn’t this serious here are few tips to keep camel crickets away from your basement:

  • Put a dehumidifier in your basement and keep it well ventilated with multiple fans
  • Keep all areas of your basement free of moisture and don’t allow vegetation to grow near the walls of the basement
  • Seal all cracks and holes to the outside, so camel crickets can’t enter your basement that way
  • Also, seal any cracks and holes from the outside
  • Place sticky traps in corners to catch the crickets
  • Spray insecticide outside house foundation, air conditioning vents, and basement windows and doors
  • Remove woodpiles and debris from the basement and your house
  • Move garbage cans away from the house since camel crickets love to eat trash
  • Mow your lawn regularly and cut out the grass close to your basement

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Related Questions

Where do camel crickets lay eggs? Like many animals, female camel crickets lay their eggs in early spring and these eggs will hatch soon, in April. They prefer dark, humid, and warm areas to lay their eggs. They will lay eggs under train rails, under stones, debris, in caves.

Do camel crickets carry disease? Many studies have shown that camel crickets are not harmful to humans. They are not known to carry any disease, and they can’t hurt you. They may cause very serious damage to your home, making holes in walls, carpet, floor.

What do camel crickets eat? They are omnivores so they eat everything. They’ll eat fungi from your basement walls, rotting trash, carpets, wood, cardboard, as well as any meat or plants.