Do Camel Spider Cave Crickets Bite -Are they Poisonous?

Wondering If the Large Jumping Crickets That Almost look like Spiders Can Bite you or are they actually Poisonous?

In this Guide You Will learn:

  • If Camel Spiders Can Bite you or your Pets,
  • If Spider Crickets are Poisonous & Dangerous
  • What Do Camel Cricket Bites look like and what to do when You get bitten by one!

They Go By many Names Such as Spider Crickets, Camel Crickets , Sprickets or Cave Crickets –  there are over 100 different species of them to be found in the USA.

Camel Spiders can be extremely intimidating, They look truly terrifying and they can appear VERY AGRESSIVE. Some have Very Large Humps that look more like crickets, some are even scarier looking and almost look like a huge spider/scorpion.

Their jaws (pedipalps) are absolutely HUGE and often measure one-third of their own body length. They will hunt and eat almost any Insect/bug a small lizard or a small bird they can overpower!

Camel Spiders use their Pedipalps to chew on their prey – Most of the time they eat plant material and fungi, however.

In your home, they can chew and destroy clothes, curtains, furniture, and even insulation.

Do Camel Spiders have Fangs to Bite?

Camel Spider Crickets do not have Fangs to bite, however, their Jaws ( Pedipals) have small teeth to grind up the plant matter or their victim.

They will usually catch their victim, overpower him, grind him up with their jaws and then swallow!

Camel spiders will even use their digestive fluids to liquefy their Prey, making it easy for them to suck the remains of their victim and eat him.

Do Camel Spider Crickets Bite Humans?

Yes, Camel Spider Crickets can try to bite humans if they feel they are in danger and you try to touch them – they will try to jump at you to scare you away first.

There are tons of rumors on the internet that spider crickets will attack sleeping people, bite them and suck their blood.

In past, there were even rumors that they will attack and suck blood from sleeping soldiers. Those are just false rumors.

Even if they were to try to bite you ,since they do not have fangs they will only try to chew on you or pinch your skin.

Spider Cricket ”bite” isn’t the strongest one out there and 99% of the time it won’t even penetrate your skin.

To Sum it up: Camel Spiders Can try to bite you, however, they can’t cause any real harm to you.

Can These Spider Crickets Bite and Attack your Pets?

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to your cat or dog being attacked by a camel cave spider cricket.

Even the largest Camel Spiders are only around 6inches long, even they do not target larger animals than very small rodents.

If a Camel cricket were to launch himself at your pet ,it would be only as a defense to scare him away but not to actually attack him.

If your Pet Tries to touch a camel spider, then Yes a Camel Spider can technically try to bite your cat or dog.

However again, their bite is too week to even pierce a bare skin, let alone a furry one!

Are Camel Crickets Poisonous?

Camel Crickets are not poisonous, if a camel cricket were to bite you and in a rare event actually penetrate your skin they would not be able to poison you or cause you any harm.

There are a lot of rumors floating around that Camel Crickets are Venomous just like actual spiders, however, that simply is not the case.

Camel Crickets will however utilize their digestive enzymes to liquefy their victims to be able to suck them up, however, they have no means to actually Poison them!

What happens if a Spider cricket actually manages to bite you?

If a very large spider Cricket actually bites you it will feel like little tiny needles going into your hand.

Most small Spider Crickets do not have enough force to break the skin, so it will only feel as if someone is pinching your skin.

If however your skin is penetrated, try to clean it ASAP with rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area from the cave cricket bite.

Spider Crickets are not known to carry any diseases that can be transmitted, so even if one bites you there will be no further problems or complications.

Symptoms of a Camel Spider Cricket Bite

Usually, there would be no real symptoms of a Camel Spider Bite as they would not be able to penetrate your skin.

You might however notice:

-A Small Skin Rash

-Sores on your Skin

-Itchy Skin in the bite area

Cave Cricket Bite Mark – What Does it Look like?

You might see small Dark Red skin Rashes that may appear after some time – similar to what you would see from a mosquito bite.

Cave Spider Crickets are not known to carry any diseases.


So, Are Camel Spiders Actually Dangerous?

These Jumping cave crickets that look like spiders, might look very scary however they can’t do any real harm to a human or a pet.

They however can cause huge damage in your home, they can destroy and chew up Clothes, Curtains, Furniture,Plants and any other item you have stored away in your Attic/Garage or Basement.


Why Are Spider Cave Crickets So Aggressive?

Camel Spider crickets Naturally Live in Dark caves, hence one of their Names – Cave Crickets.

Due to the dark places they usually live in they do not have the best vision!

Since they do not have the best vision they have a Natural Instinct to launch at anyone to scare them away.

It might appear as Aggression however they are simply trying to scare you away, other bugs/critters will flee, but not camel spider crickets!