Where Do Mango Worms Come From – Human & Dog Mango Worms

Where Do Mango Worms Come FromWhilst you don’t need to worry about biting into a mango and finding one of these nasty creatures,

Mango worms can pose quite a threat to your pets and yourself.

In This article we will see where do mango worms even come from, can people get them, are they dangerous and what can you do to deal with them?

Where do Mango Worms come from?

Mango worms are a species of blowfly found across parts of Africa. Dogs and rodents play the unfortunate hosts to these worms and they can sometimes be transmitted to humans. Dogs often get mango worms on their feet, face, lips and back.

Whilst it is possible to remove them yourself, you should instead go to a vet as they have more expertise in this area and can prescribe appropriate medication.

If you get mango worms under your own skin, you can remove them by covering the boils with petroleum jelly to make them crawl out.

There have been no cases of mango worms killing a human host, but if they are not treated properly an infection can occur and cause the host to be very ill. They can also cause lots of pain and irritation.

Mango flies are found across various places in Africa. Their largest numbers tend to be in South Africa and Uganda. This climate is ideal for the mango worms as they lay their eggs in soil that has been in the presence of faeces or urine which is common in large grasslands.

Can people get mango worms and how can you get them

In their larval stage, mango worms can infect humans as their host. They will sometimes lay their eggs on damp clothing and when they hatch they can attach themselves to the unbroken skin before penetrating their host. They can also lay their eggs in soil and can attach to a human’s feet when they walk over them.

Where do mango worms live

Mango worms need to live in warm and humid conditions to survive. This is why they primarily live in sub-Saharan Africa, but once they have burrowed under a hosts skin they can safely travel anywhere with them. They only live under their hosts skin for the larval stage and once they have grown they will leave before taking on their final form as a mango fly.

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Can mango worms be prevented

Yes, always keep yourself protected when coming into contact with possibly infected soil. Keep your feet covered and wear gloves if you are gardening. Also inspect any clothing you have hung out to dry and iron it to kill and possible eggs.

How do you know if you have mango worms in your body?

If you have mango worms you will see a series of boils and there is one worm nesting per boil. These boils are filled with puss and you can sometimes see the worm wriggling in the sack. They are also very itchy and irritable and noticeably red.

What happens if you don’t remove mango worms?

Mango worms can cause infection if you don’t have them removed. However, they don’t carry any diseases that can have a severe impact on health, but they can cause complications such as tachycardia.


How do dogs get mango worms? Should I be worried about them getting Mango Worms!

Mango worms can infect dogs and will cause a panic among pet owners. Below we’ll look at how mango worms can infect dogs and how they can be dealt with.

Mango worms in dog’s feet,

Dogs paws are probably the most common place for dogs to have mango worms as they will cross contaminated soil and the mango worms will attach themselves to the dog’s paw pads. There have been instances of hundreds of mango worms being present on a dogs paw at the same time.

You can remove the worms by popping them, however it is very difficult to fully remove or kill the worms so you will need to take your dog to the vet to prevent infection.

Mango worms in dog’s face

Particularly on a dog’s face, mango worms can cause great discomfort and itchiness. You should not try to remove mango worms from your dogs face yourself as they can attach themselves with spines which make them hard to remove and increase risk of infection.

Whilst there are no major dangers of mango worms, it can be very uncomfortable and indirectly make your dog ill, for example putting it off its food. If you think your dog has mango worms you should take it to the vet straight away.

Mango worms in dog’s lips

If you find mango worms in your dogs lips you should take them straight to the vet. The removal process can cause infection and complications. This is the most dangerous part of a mango worm infestation; it is possible that your vet will give you antibiotics to prevent your dog from contracting an infection and they can also give them pain medication to help them recover quicker.

Mango worms on dog’s back

A dog’s back is probably the second most likely place to find mango worms as they will attach themselves to the animal whilst it is lazing on the soil outside. The large lesions are most noticeable on the dog’s back and can cause your dog a great amount of pain.

Once again, the most dangerous thing is the risk of infection from incorrect removal. On the dog’s back the worms will most likely have attached with spines which need to be removed by a professional.

Mango Worms on Dogs Feet
Mango Worms on Dogs Feet

Can mango worms hurt my dog; how do I stop them getting infected

The thought of anything happening to your four-legged friend is a terrifying one, but there are ways you can prevent them from getting mango worms.

How to prevent dogs getting mango worms

The best way to prevent your dog getting mango worms is to regularly wash and tumble dry their bedding. If they have been playing in soil they should be bathed after to prevent mango worms burrowing in the skin. You can also use dog safe fly repellents to help reduce their risk of contracting them.

Are mango worms life threatening, can they kill my dog?

Sadly, mango worms can be life threatening but it is rare and only happens in very serious infestations. This is why you should always follow your vets advice and take them to receive treatment as soon as you think you may notice an infection. A patch of small red lumps is the first sign of infection.

Are mango worms painful for dogs?

Mango worms are very uncomfortable for dogs. They cause large amounts of itching and burning and can sometimes put the dog off its food. However, incorrect removal can cause a lot more pain which is why they should be taken to a vet to have them professionally removed.

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Can cats get mango worms

Although it is less common, cats have also been known to act as a host for mango worms.

What do mango worms smell like

Mango worms are attracted to the smells of urine and faeces and when they are burrowed under your skin they can small like rotting puss as they cause boils filled with puss.

Are there mango worms found in the United States

Mango worms do not live in the United States but it is possible for them to travel over to the US by infecting a host.

Are there mango worms found in Canada

Mango worms cannot survive in the cold climate of Canada but other blowfly species can.