Does Baking Soda Kill Mice – How to Use Baking Soda For Mice!

Mice, much like rats can pose a number of harmful implications on you and your family’s health by inhabiting your home.

Due to this, there are multiple ways to rid your home of mice.

The most cost-efficient method commonly used by homeowners? Believe it or not, is baking soda.

Baking soda is easily accessible, affordable, and does not pose an immediate danger to your home should you have pets or children compared to other methods of killing mice.

Does Baking Soda Actually Kill Mice?

Baking soda can absolutely be used to eliminate and Kill Mice in your Home. It can be very effective against mice should they consume it.

However, using baking soda to get rid of mice isn’t a full-proof prevention method, as it heavily relies on the mice to consume a baking soda mixture to fully eradicate your home’s mice population.

Baking soda will successfully kill mice once the baking soda has been digested.

Not Only that, baking soda can also repel mice from areas they inhabit frequently.

This is Because Baking soda doesn’t have a particularly nice scent to mice and Because of this, mice will avoid areas where they can smell the presence of baking soda.

Baking soda is a guaranteed annihilation method as it is an ensured death upon the moment of consumption for Mice.

Despite the fact that the death of the mice can take a little longer as opposed to other ways of removing mice from your home.

How Does Baking Soda Affect and Kill Mice

Baking soda can be a very dangerous substance to mice, as well as other rodents for that matter.

However, using baking soda in the process of eradication may not be the quickest solution.

Killing mice with baking soda is known to be a very painful method to the mice and can take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks.
Much like rats or other small rodents, mice aren’t physically capable of expelling excessive waste much less gas from their small bodies.

This makes baking soda so much easier as an eradication method.

Only 2-3 Grams Of Baking Soda to Kill Mice…

For mice to die from the consumption of baking soda, the mice would have to consume as little as 2 – 3 grams of baking soda.

This wouldn’t seem like a lot however baking soda is very light and grainy, therefore the powder will need to be disguised amongst other edible substances.

Most homeowners will mix baking soda with other more favorable substances. Homeowners will mix the baking soda into a mixture to lure the rodents into the trap and get the mice to consume as much of the baking soda as possible.

Baking soda can kill mice because of the key chemical component Sodium BiCarbonate.

Once the baking soda is completely digested by the mouse, the Sodium BiCarbonate creates a by-product of Carbon Dioxide.
This by-product created from the mice consuming and attempting to digest the baking soda is known to be extremely deadly to mice. 

  • During the digestion process, the consumed baking soda travels to the mouse’s stomach and lower abdomen.
  • Once in the mouse’s stomach, the baking soda creates internal pressure by combining with their stomach acid to form the Carbon Dioxide by product.

The BiCarbonate found in baking soda is a key factor to getting rid of the mice in your home. Seeing as Carbon Dioxide has been proven to be extremely harmful to mice over time.

Death By Pressure, Organ Ruptures & Impaired Breathing

The by-product of Carbon Dioxide within a mouse’s body causes distress and impaired breathing through internal pressure caused by the continuous expansion of the lower abdomen.

The expansion of the lower abdomen over time can create a slow and painful experience for the rodents leading up to their death.

When mice consume baking soda, the most common causes of death include asphyxiation or blockages and even ruptures of the mouse’s internal organs.

Killing mice with baking soda may seem easy and efficient, however, it can take a while for the baking soda to successfully kill the mice in your home.

This can result in the mice having more time in your home to wreak more havoc on the house and the surrounding area.

How to Use Baking Soda To Kill Mice

While baking soda is an extremely common household item, the preparation needed for this method is imperative.

There are many ways you can prepare, as well as serve baking soda to mice that will remove them from your home.
In this article, we are listing a couple of the most effective and popular ways baking soda is used to attract, repel, and exterminate mice, as well as other small house rodents.

In terms of preparation, there are multiple ways you can prepare and add to the baking soda that will draw the mice in.

Although there will be things added, it is important to make sure your portions of the bait are smaller or equal to, the portions of the baking soda.

By creating equivalent portions in each recipe and mixture, you are ensuring the success of the baking soda eradication method.

The equal parts of a baking soda mixture will be successful for eradication as the mice will end up eating more of the baking soda than the bait.

Should you make them, it’s best to place these mixtures in a small dish in the area in which the mice reside, or often track through

Here are some of the most common mixtures that involves made for removing mice from your home that involves baking soda:

Poison Powder

A common recipe for killing mice is referred to as “Poison Powder”.

Combine equal parts baking soda, flour, and sugar.

A cup of each ingredient mixed together should be enough to rid you of your mice problem.
Keep in mind, that the measurements can be interchangeable should you feel you need more of the mixture to spread throughout your home.

Peanut Butter Bait

Peanut Butter, much like baking soda is an easily accessible ingredient, making this an easy and quick mixture to make and spread throughout your home with little to no additional effort on your part.
This mixture is fairly quick and simple, as it is composed of equal parts peanut butter and baking soda.

The measurements are as quick as a cup of each.

Much like the other mice-killing mixture, you are free to add in more of each ingredient so long as the mixture is equal parts and placed in popular areas your home pests reside.

Make Sure to Mask the Bait & Not Use Baking Soda Alone!

It is incredibly imperative to not only mask your scent but also the scent of the baking soda when prepared for elimination.

The easiest way to do this is to use gloves when creating the mixture.
To mask the baking soda you will want to combine the baking soda with an alluring ingredient.

You are more than welcome to pick from the 2 mixtures added or to pick a mixture that you prefer over the ones mentioned in this article.

Is it Actually Worth To Kill Mice with Baking Soda?

Using baking soda as a method to rid your home of mice, can be very painful and cause a lot of unnecessary suffering to these seemingly small household pests.

The death of the mice through way of consuming baking soda can be a long and drawn-out process as well.

Making this method, perhaps a little inhumane compared to some of the newer and more time-efficient methods.

More Effective Methods to Get Rid of Mice when Compared to Baking Soda

In comparison to using baking soda, there are a lot less painful and immediate ways to eradicate your home of mice.

Below, we will include some of the most common alternatives to use, that will produce faster and less painful results than the use of baking soda.

Pest Control

Naturally, pest control is the top method. To prevent a search for mouse carcasses, pest control will seem like the next best option.

 Although it may seem tedious, having other people take care of your rodent problem can be very reassuring. Exterminators have chemicals and training to ensure that the mice in your home are not only eradicated but removed as well.


In addition to pest control, should you wish to go the more immediate route for the elimination of these pests, traps are cheap and efficient in killing the mice in your home. Some of the traps you can use include live as well as snap traps.

Block Entry points

Steel wool, while it can kill mice, it is primarily used to keep mice out of your home by blocking common points of entry.

These points of entry are more often than not, cracks and crevices in the foundation of your home.

In conclusion…

Baking soda is an excellent natural repellent and deterrent in riding your home or personal space of mice and smaller rodents.

Though it is not the only method, it can be one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to protect your home from mice.